Medical waste incinerator(Large)

Medical waste incinerator for central disposal(1,000kg/hr ~ 3,000kg/hr)

Medical waste incinerator(Large)


The cutting edge facility has been improved by analyzing and conducting research on the ROTARY KILN and moving grate STOKER incinerator to suit the characteristics of hospital waste. This is the incineration facility for infectious waste, developed to handle ward waste and medical waste incineration. Infectious waste is sterilized completely and incinerated at high temperature (at least 900℃). Moreover, semi‐dry scrubber, filtered dust collector and other highly functional air pollution prevention devices are attached to prevent air pollution and public complaint as well.


- Stoker‐attached rotary kiln


- Central disposal plant

Incineration Capacity

- 1,000 kg/hr ~ 3,000 kg/hr

Design Plan


Delivery List

Company Incinerator Capacity Waste Type Date of Installation
Do-si Environment 2000kg/hr Medical waste 2005.03
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