Medical waste incinerator(mid-size)

For large-scale general hospitals (KRV Type, KRS Type. 200kg/hr ~ 1,000kg/hr)

KRS-1000 type(Water Jacket Fixed Grates Type/Slopped)

Incinerator Fixed Grates Type
KRS – 1000 Type (Fixed Grates)



The slopped bottom is constructed of water jacket structure interconnected air supply nozzle to burn wastes uniformly.  This design eliminates the troubles which clinker, slag and melting materials adhere bottom grate. Agitating ram pusher is installed on upper side of grate in order to avoid accumulation of wastes. Because grates are latticed upper and down side, burning surface area is bigger than normal and burning speed is more faster with the materials dried by bottom flame.


-Enable to combust municipal, industrial wastes including plastics together at same time. -Reformed incinerator from weak points of Stoker and other types. -Compact incinerator compared with Stoker(less 15%) -Constant furnace temperature & pressure, and simple structure for maintenance & repair. -Burning efficiency is improved upto 10% than Stoker.

KRV-500 Type (Vertical cylindrical fixed-bed incinerator)

KRV – 500 Type



- Ignition loss is virtually zero

Fire retardant materials is also perfectly combusted in facility because of long retention time by releasing ashregularly, not continuously.
-Small space to install
Vertical cylinder enables to install in small space
- High rate of operation
Simple structure, easy to operate, very low failure rate, easy to repair
- Preventing formation of clinker
Water cooling type sedimentary station to prevent generating and sticking of clinker for smooth discharge
-High thermal efficiency, low CO rate by stable combustion
Stable combustion by sedimentation direct fire combustion which make calories of waste even

Installed Site

Site Incinerator Capacity Type Date of Installation
Forcebell 210kg/hr KRV -300 2017.11
Gil Hosp. 200kg/hr KRS – 200 2004.06
Yoo Seong Environ. Co,.ltd 500kg/hr KRV – 500 2002.10

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