Medical Waste Incinerator(small)

Small Medical Waste Incinerator

Small Medical Waste Incinerator


Compact incinerator which can burn medical waste(50kg/hr, 100kg/hr). This incinerator is suitable for mid-sized and smaller general hospitals. It can completely dispose of medical waste.


1) Batch-input system allows simple operation

  • Incineration by means of batch-input requires 2 to 3 hours of operation time

2) Equipped with pyrolysis system for high-efficiency incineration

  • Wastes in the primary combustion chamber turn into dry distillation gas in a low-oxygen state and pass into the re-combustion chamber to ensure high efficiency.

3) Smokeless and odorless combustion to prevent air pollution

  • Since a certain amount is to be burned in the 1st combustion chamber all the time, the amount of CO emission is kept below 10ppm whether it is in the beginning or ending phase. It contributes to minimized air pollution emissions such as dioxin.

4) Economic fuel consumption

  • Burner works for a time period of 20 minutes.

5) Simple structure minimizes the area needed for installation

  • Composition of the body of pyrolysis incinerator and centrifugal dust collector ensure  minimized installing area.

6) Simple operation and maintenance

  • Automatic valve control ensures an easy operation.

7) Heat recovery equipment can be attachable (optional)

8) 12 month quality guarantee

Incineration Flow Chart


Design Criteria

- Incinerated medical waste composition ratio

Sort of waste Amounts of waste Incinerated(kg/hr) Ratio Remark(%)
Human/Animal anatomical waste 6.0 12
Microbiological infectious waste 15.2 30.4
Non-anatomical infectious waste 8.4 16.8
General hospital waste 20 40
Total 50 100

- Pollutants emission criteria

Pollutants Design Standard
CO Less than 100(12) ppm
NOx Less than 100(12) ppm
Fine Dust Less than 70(12) mg/Sm3
Exhausted fume Less than 1 degree on the Ringelmann smoke chart

- Incinerator Specifications

-Incinerator Assembly (KRHT 300)

Input  the waste to be incinerated for two to four hours. Smooth combustion in ensured by means of automatic operation
The incinerator pictured above is installed at the MCM hospital in Ethiopia. It has a burning rate of 50kg/hr
(KRH 500). There is an apartment building adgacent to it and a public school behind of it.


← The city of Addis Ababa recognized this medical waste disposal system for its environmental commitment.


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