Small incinerator (for solid waste)


Batch-input Incinerator

Small incinerator (for solid waste)

Waste type and Furnace Capacity

- Domestic, industrial waste

Furnace Type

- Pyrolysis, batch-input system

Furnace Processing Procedure

Pyrolysis combustion chamber → Gas-mixing burner → Afterburning chamber → Cyclone


  1. Batch-input system
  2. Complete combustion free from pollutants and odor
    - Wastes in the primary combustion chamber turn into dry distillation gas at a low-oxygen state, and pass into the re-combustion chamber to ensure high efficiency
  3. Highly efficient air pollution prevention system
    - Keeps CO emission below 10ppm, minimizing air pollutants such as dioxin
    - Attachment of automatic temperature controller allows control of CO and NOx emissions
  4. Economic maintenance
    - Main nozzle shuts down when TIC temperature rises above 850˚C to consume less fuel than other models
  5. Simple structure minimizes area needed for installation
    - Pyrolysis furnace main body and cyclone device minimizes area needed for installation
  6. Simple drive and maintenance
    - Straightforward operation through air inflow control

Batch-input type incinerator KRA-2000

Model Name KRA-500 KRA-1000 KRA-1500 KRA-2000
Furnace Capacity(kg/hr) 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg
Furnace Volume 0.88m3 1.55m3 2.75m3 4.2m3
One-time input amount 100-150kg 200-300kg 300-400kg 400-600kg
Installation Area 5,000 x 5,000 5,000 x 7,000 6,000 x 9,000 7,000 x 10,000

Consecutive input type (bundle as well) KRB


The consecutive-input type incinerator is designed to use the upward combustion method in order to control the high-temperatures of combustion by cooling water to constant temperature. The secondary combustion chamber turns incompletely combusted gas into completely combusted gas, and the air blower supplies oxygen in accordance with the nozzle’s diameter and angle


- Upward combustion

Waste input type

- Intermittent

Pollution prevention equipment

-Semi-dry filtering system + Cyclone

Consecutive input type(batch-input as well) KRB

Model Name KR-WB-500 KR-WB-1000 KR-WB-2000
Furnace Capacity 50kg/hr 100kg/hr 200kg/hr
One-time Input Amount 100kg 200kg 400kg
Weight 5,700kg 10,975kg 19,855kg
Size 1,625 x 3,720, 3,315 1,930 x 4,400 x 3,425 2,135 x 7,250 x 4,550

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