R&D Achievement

  • Developed the industrial waste incinerator (Ministry of Science and Technology) (KIMM)
  • Developed the technologies for polymer waste combustion-carbonization incineration, waste heat recovery, and dry type gas treatment (Ministry of Power & Energy) (KAIST)
  • Developed the practical small and/or medium incinerators for waste synthetic resins (Ministry of Science and Technology)
  • Designed the waste tire incinerating equipment, and developed the manufacturing technologies (Ministry of Commerce) (KITECH)
  • Developed the practical downward carbonization-incineration technologies to recover incineration heat of waste synthetics & polymer waste (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
  • Developed the artificial liner and landfill cover materials (G7 assignment from Ministry of Environment) (KICT)
  • Developed the technologies of clean fuel gasification from thermosetting resins waste by adopting flame pyrolysis (Ministry of Trade and Industry)
  • Developed the automatic discharge equipment for incineration ashes in the waste incinerator (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Developed the waste treatment system at sea (Ministry of Science and Technology)
  • Developed the ultra energy‐saving type equipment for VOCs(Volatile Organic Carbons) removal (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) (Inha University)
  • Developed the VOC removal equipment of ultra energy‐saving type (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
  • Developed an absorbent containing activated carbon to remove dioxin during gas discharge from the incinerator, absorption tower process, and the best operation solution (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy) (PosTech= Pohang University of Science and Technology)
  • Developed the Korea‐style incinerator grates suitable for the composition & characteristics of urban waste (Songdo TechnoPark)
  • Developed the system to treat dusts from casting and cast steel factories (Ministry of Science and Technology) (Inha University et al.)
  • Developed the grate‐type flame, pyrolysis, & melting system
  • Developed the high‐efficiency combustor according to minimized dead zone by applying CFD(=Computational Fluid Dynamics) (University of Incheon)
  • Technology to transform waste woods into energy [Eco‐star Project; August 2008‐May 2010]
  • Facilities of waste energy‐type to treat toxic gas by means of high‐efficiency combustion in order to reduce waste gas pollution (HRD Korea)
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