Established a factory of KRICO(=KoRyo Incinerator CO.)
Completely constructed Gimpo-Airport factory in the Jang-neung Industrial Complex
1992. 6.
Received prize of minister of Environment, a government citation, on the Environment Day
1994. 5.
Successfully developed the downward gasification/carbonization incineration equipment
Completely constructed a factory in Nam-dong Industrial Complex (Factory registration No. Namdong 2-475)
1995. 8.
Japan Patent for downward ventilation flame carbonization incinerator – No. 2647813
1996. 5.
Won a 1st excellence prize of environment technology, a prize of the prime minister
1996. 8.
Relocated the head office in Seoul to Nam-dong Industrial Complex in Incheon
Won a grand prize at the 4th Chosun Ilbo Environment Science Technology
Won a technology prize at the Korea Society of Waste Management
1999. 1.
Won a grand prize of 98 venture business, a prize of a minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Won a grand prize of science technology, Incheon City
Won a technology prize at KOSAE(=KOrean Society of Air Environment)
Won a prize of the prime minister at the 16th Kyunghyang Electricity Energy
2001. 1.
Successfully developed the flame pyrolysis & melting system for wastes
2001. 6.
Opened a permanent exhibition office in Beijing, China
2001. 11.
Won a technology prize at the Korea Association of Waste to Energy Technology
2003. 4.
KRICO environment technology business branch registration as new co.
2003. 8.
Elected as “technology support” committee company for Southern incinerators in Incheon
2003. 9.
Developed the Korea-type eco-friendly cremator (a charnel house established in Daejeon)
2004. 6.
Elected as “technology support” committee company for plasma-applied facilities in Incheon
2005. 5.
Elected as “Thermal plasma application forum” committee company by Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
2007. 5. 2.
Won a distinguished service medal at Korea Society of Waste Management
2007. 5. 31.
Won a distinguished service medal at Korea Association of Incinerator Industry
2008. 5. 14.
Returned to use KRICO as company name
2008. 5. 16.
Registered a factory to Nam-dong Industrial Complex
2008. 9.
Proved as a direct producer by Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
Successfully completed assignment of energy creation from miniaturized waste wood of Eco-star Project Delegation of the ministry of Environment
2009. 3.
Completely produced prototypes for Korea Industrial Complex Corporation(=KICOX)
2010. 4.
Elected to top 100 companies equipped with excellent environment technologies by the Ministry for Environment
Exported medical incinerators to hospitals in Ethiopia of Africa
2013. 3.
Selection of Small and Medium Business Administration, export excellent enterprise
2013. 10.
Registration of heating construction first-class, third-class
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