• KRICO was founded in 1985 as a professional incinerator manufacturing company and registered with the Technology Foundation Support Society, which is administered by the Small and Medium Business Corporation. After having been registered with the Ministry of Finance and Economy Research Center, we have been dedicated to research and develope various kinds of incinerators, anti-pollution equipments, and heat recovery boilers in collaboration with KAIST and KIMM.
  • Since our date of foundation, we have designed and installed more than 1600 units of incinerators, 30 units of cremators, and 100 units of heat recovery boilers nationwide, each of which giving us the longest history of any incinerator manufacturing company in Korea.
  • KRICO contributes to environmental preservation through stable waste diposal, especially in the medical waste incineration field, and we promise to achieve world-class environmental technology exporter by continuing our research and development efforts.
  • Thank you.
CEO Kwak Soo-on
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